Introduction to the blogging world

Coming up with the name for my blog was the easy part. . . now writing my first post. . . not so easy.

First a little bit about myself. I am a 28 year old married girl living in MN, enduring another snow storm this weekend.  I have been reading a few blogs faithfully over the past 6 months. Specifically pbfingers and carrotsncake. I was lying in bed last night and my husband asked me what I was thinking about. I answered “blogging.” He came back with an enthusiastic “Are you thinking about starting one?” My tentative answer “Maybe.” So, here we are the next afternoon, snowed in, making the first step towards my own blog.

You might be wondering why I would start blogging now? Well, if you are familiar with pbfingers or carrotsncake, you know that they are both girls who are living healthy lives who post daily what they are eating, exercising, living, and of course cute pictures of their dogs. I would like to do something similar here at running4cupcakes. I know that this will be a work in progress but to begin, I have the following ideas for this blog:

  1. Daily photographs of what I am eating – to assist in my never-ending quest to improve my health
  2. Record of daily exercise as I continue to train for my 3rd marathon in May
  3. Cute pictures of my dog, Abby
  4. Documenting life and the adventures that come with it!

I only hope to inspire others as I have been so inspired by both Julie from pbfingers and Tina from carrotsncake.

Thanks for reading!


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