Sunday, day 1 (sort of)

So I posted earlier today, but didn’t do any of the things I said I wanted to do in that post.

So, here is my first “official” post for running4cupcakes. The sort of is because I am slowly getting used to taking photos of things that I would normally just let pass me by.

This morning started up like most Sunday mornings, a caramel skim latte and some TV. In an effort to eat healthier, I have decided to start keeping a food journal and do some calorie counting to make some improvements in my diet (and hopefully weight!).

Then, I headed to the local YMCA to get in a good run, because it looked like this outside!

I spent about an hour on the treadmill. Because of the snow there weren’t very many people there – I even got to put HGTV on one of the TVs!

Then we had some lunch, leftover sandwiches and soup from yesterdays lunch. I also cut up 2 oranges to share. My husband (Scott) is literally a cookie monster so of course I ate a couple (4) sandwich cookies while he was eating some after lunch.

I spent some of the afternoon, making this awesome brownie trifle to take to a friend’s house for game night tonight. Unfortunately after I made it, game night was postponed due to the snow. Scott is still excited to try it after dinner.

And of course Abby had to help.  . .

Dinner was frozen California pizza kitchen BBQ chicken pizza, some orange pepper slices and carrots.

And now off to watch the Amazing Race and have some of that brownie trifle.

Have a good Sunday night!


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