The work day flew by today. . . not very busy because of the snow. . . Still snowing here in MN. Very pretty but not much fun to drive in!

Lunch was a good one.

Turkey sandwich on wheat bread with provolone cheese and miracle whip, sliced orange bell pepper and a YUMMY chobani strawberry yogurt.

A co-worker brought in some candy so I snagged a mini Reese’s PB cup. YUM!

Snack before workout. . . I LOVE the new bite sized frosted mini wheats. I have to make sure to count them out otherwise it is WAY to easy to eat more than the “suggested” serving size.

On Monday nights I teach aerobics at the YMCA. It is a class called CTI (cardio tone interval). It is a really fun and energizing class that is a mix of cardio, strength and ab work. We do 3 circuits, 5 moves in each circuit. Each move lasts for about 1 minute. It is nice because the class changes every week, no week is ever the same.

There was only 3 people but we still had fun and got a good workout done before heading back into the snow.

Dinner was simple.

Just add veggies

and a couple of sliced oranges.

Somebody wanted to play while I was making dinner!

Off to watch House and spend some time on the couch with my honey bunnies. . . See you in the morning!


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  1. If I lived closer (I’m in Kansas) I’d try out your class. Sounds like fun.

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