Nursing Home Tuesday

I spent the morning seeing patients at the Nursing home, something I do on a monthly basis. It always makes very appreciative of my health and reminds me to be nice to my children (when I have them) so they will let me live with them when I get old!

Lunch was yummy. Leftover salsa veggie soup, raspberry chobani and a string cheese. I saved the banana for my afternoon snack. 

 I have to admit I am a banana snob. They have to be perfectly ripe for me to eat them! Once they start getting brown, not good. . . unless you are making banana bread. 🙂

Finally the sun had appeared in MN, bright enough for sunglasses even!

Headed to the YMCA to hit up the treadmill. My right knee has been aching just slightly l lately. Not sure what I did to it??? I am usually outside running all winter, but I find the treadmill is a little more easy on my joints and less likely to slip and slide on snow and ice and hurt my knee more. The only problem with the YMCA in the winter and going after work is that is it BUSY! Thankfully, I was able to snag a treadmill without much of a problem. Put in just over 5 miles. . .

Check out my awesome location - TV right in front!

Dinner was put in the oven by my husband (the extent of his cooking skills!). My sister and I got together a few months ago and put together some meals that could be frozen and then pulled out, thawed and put right in the oven. So, this dinner of pork with a marinade was leftover from one of those meals.

Add frozen cauliflower. . .  Dinner is ready!

Pork and cauliflower

Leftover brownie trife for dessert – YUM.

Off to watch some TV with my honey bunnies. Good night!

Did you want this spot?


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