Early morning

Every morning my husband gets up about 5:30am to work out. Usually, since I am NOT a morning person, I am able to go back to sleep until about 7am when I usually get up. This morning, I couldn’t fall back asleep! So, after lying in bed for about an hour and snuggling with Abby, I got up. Whenever this happens, I have no idea what to do with my extra hour in the morning. It’s not quite enough time to work out, too early to eat breakfast, too early to go into work. . . So, I spent some time playing around with this blog and watching DVR of the Biggest Loser from last night.

 I also read some of my most recent SHAPE magazine.  There was a good quote:

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss

Breakfast was my usual CSL. Enjoyed from my Inn on Lake Superior mug

The Inn on Lake Superior mug

 from our trip to Duluth  for a medical conference last fall.

The lift bridge Duluth, MN, October 2010Duluth, MN, October 2010

I also added 2 clementines.

Love the orange color!

Someone wanted attention while I was blogging this am!

You can pet me and type at the same time, right?

OK, then just pet me!

Have a good Wednesday!

What do you do when you wake up early in the morning?


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