Blue Cheese

Today’s lunch was very exciting. . . well for me anyway!

I didn’t have time this morning to get together anything from home so I was limited to what the hospital cafeteria had to offer.

They had blue cheese crumbles – at a hospital cafeteria salad bar! Added some blue cheese dressing and it was awesome-ness of blue cheesey -ness. I always love the salad bar at our cafeteria because they have huge green olives. I’m weird I know- I like olives and pickles on my salad!

Blue cheese!

Add a banana and I have a great lunch!

The afternoon flew by at work .  .. then I came home to this. . .

She patiently waited to play while I rode my bike in our basement.  Scott and I put our bikes on trainers over the winter. It is great to ride when it is really cold outside or when there is something good on tv!


And I get to wear my cool bike shoes!

waiting. . . to play

I biked for about 30 minutes, alternating sitting down and standing. And watched HGTV. 🙂

Dinner was leftover cheese ravioli with meat spaghetti sauce. And some oranges (shared with my husband).

Now someone wants to snuggle and watch some TV. What a great evening!

Pretty soon, she will look like this. . .

See you tomorrow!

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