Disappearing banana

This banana was almost gone before I was able to snap this picture! Yes, it was as good as it looked!

There is a very interesting thing about bananas for me. If I am eating healthy and taking care of my body, i.e. not eating junk food, fast food, or copious amounts of sweets, bananas taste awesome to me. However, if I have been not eating that great, more junk food, sweets and fast foods, I hate the taste of bananas. So weird. . .

In celebration of Friday, I stopped at Caribou Coffee and got a large caramel skim latte. I make good lattes at home, but nothing quite compares to Caribou!

I looked more scared of my coffee than the actual joy I felt from taking my first sip!

Looking forward to after work today. . . I have to drive up to Minneapolis to go to a conference this afternoon. Then, I am going to meet my Dad to go for a run at one of my all time favorite places in St. Paul – Summit Ave.

Have a great Friday – see ya tonight!


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