Pigs Feet

After working in clinic this morning, I headed up to Minneapolis to the University of MN for a course in advanced dermatology.

happy driver. . . nice and sunny

I didn’t have much time to eat lunch, so I brought a chobani and some bite sized frosted mini wheats to snack on during the drive up.

Lunch in the car

I also had some clementines.

Someone was being cute before I left. . .

The “big” city – aka Minneapolis via 35W



 To practice our suturing for cuts and biopsies and all things doctoring we use oranges and pigs feet. . . check out some of my handy work this afternoon.

Practicing biopsies

My partner getting ready to biopsy

We had a break and I ate a chocolate chip cookie that went un-photographed!
After my pig’s foot was put back together, I headed over to Summit Ave in St. Paul to meet up with my Dad for a 4 mile run/walk. I took this picture of us after our time outside in the 10 degree weather (cold!) and told him he was going to be famous because I was going to put him on this blog! He was very excited. . .. 😉


The drive home was uneventful. . . and I came home to my wonderful husband making quesadillas for dinner.

He put together leftover pork, cheese and pineapple.

Add some of this. . .

Best BBQ sauce ever!

and you have a very yummy dinner! 

We also had some chips and salsa.

Abby was very interested in dinner

Scott and Abby are bonding tonight. . .

Off to spend some time snuggling on the cough. Super excited for tomorrow! More to come. . .


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