Perfect Saturday Morning

This is the start to my perfect Saturday morning. My caramel skim latte and the laptop, sitting on the couch, catching up on some TV from the week.

skim milk into the frothermmm espressoperfect!

Oh ya, of course without this little one, it wouldn’t be “perfect”

I added a fiber one chocolate and oats bar to keep it simple and light for my workout later this morning.

I am not a morning person, so I have never been good at exercising right away when I get up. I love Saturdays because it gives me a chance to have some breakfast, wake up and then head out for a workout before lunch. I think that is my favorite time to fit in a workout. With  my work schedule I usually have to fit it in before dinner, which invariably delays dinner until 7 or 8pm, much later than I think either me or Scott particularly enjoys. Other than delaying dinner, working out after work is usually good for me because exercise, specifically running, is my stress reliever, and is much appreciated after a long day at work. It helps me to be a much happier Katie for when I come home to Scott at night, something I KNOW he appreciates – even if it means delaying dinner!

Anyway, today I got to the YMCA to hit up the treadmill for a long run. . .

It was beautiful outside with the snow but pretty cold this morning, 1 degree!


I wanted a long run, but wanted to go easy on my knee too. I am not usually at the YMCA on a Saturday morning, so I was hoping it wouldn’t be too busy and I could snag a treadmill but no luck. There were NO treadmills open and it looked like people weren’t getting off anytime soon. So, I switched it up and hit up the elliptical for 75 minutes. I used the cross country ski option. It was a good interval workout and I was sweaty!

After a shower I was ready for some lunch. . .

Chili and some yellow pepper slices. It was the perfect lunch for this snowy day.

Last night my husband surprised me with some of his awesome white chocolate covered strawberries, so we had a few after lunch.

Obviously Abby would rather being playing. . .

alright, I give up on you guys.. .

Now off to the grocery store to buy some ingredients for a dessert I am making tomorrow. Our game night that was cancelled last weekend because of our blizzard, has been rescheduled for Sunday, and I promised to bring something yummy for dessert.

Later tonight we are heading to my parent’s house in Maplewood to celebrate my little sister’s birthday. I will be making my “light” version of chicken parmesan. And birthdays always mean cake! Have a good Saturday. 🙂