Scott snapped this picture of Abby and I snuggling during my morning coffee!

Work went by quick today!

Lunch was a nice break. I snagged a turkey and provolone sandwich from the hospital cafeteria.


And paired it with a black cherry chobani – so yummy – a nice mix of sweet and tart.

After work, headed to the YMCA to teach my Monday night aerobics class. I got there early and had time to put in 2.75 miles on the ellipitical – again on the cross country option.

The workout tonight was. . .

Circuit 1

Run alternating with high knees

Squat with front kick

Running arms with weights

Side plank


Circuit 2

3 -way jump squat (hip width squat, shoulder width squat and plie squat)

Skipping around room

Touch toe and then bring knee to opposite elbow


V-sits with weight

Circuit 3

Football players – run like running through tires

Jumping jacks

Set of 10 reverse fly, upright row and shoulder press

Standard crunch

We do each circuit twice and take a one minute water break in between each circuit. I was very sweaty when we were done!

Came home, heated up leftovers for dinner.

Salad, chicken parmesan, and a piece of garlic bread. YUM!

Now, I am tuckered out – so it is off to the couch for some snuggling with my honey bunnies. G’night!

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