running4cupcakes ABCs

running4cupcakes ABCs

Late last week I saw Julie post the “ABCs of PBF” on her blog and I loved it! I really enjoy learning more about bloggers and I figured I would give it a go on my blog this morning. Let’s get started!

A.   Age: 28

B.    Bed size: Queen

Someone likes to be right in the middle!

C.   Chore you hate: laundry – It is never finished!

D.   Dogs: Best animal ever.

E.    Essential start to your day: CSL (caramel skim latte)


F.  Favorite color: Pink – so much so I had to have it in my wedding dress!

G.  Gold or silver: Silver

H.  Height: 5’4”

I.   Instruments you play: Flute

J.   Job title: Family Practice Physician 3rd year resident.

My fellow residents

K.  Kids: None, someday!

L.  Live: Mankato, MN.

M. Mom’s name: Mary.

N.  Nicknames: KT, Kate, Honey bunny, Boo, bushneke (a throw back to my maiden name and email address from college)

O.  Overnight hospital stays: None while a patient, lots while working!

P.  Pet peeve: Driving a convertible with the top down and windows rolled up!

Q.  Quote from a movie: “Can Princess Sophia come out to play” How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. .  . Love that movie!

R.  Righty or Lefty: Right.

S.   Siblings: One younger sister, Laura, and one older sister, Jenny.

T.   Time you wake up: 7 a.m. on weekdays and around 8-9 a.m. on weekends.

U.   Underwear: yes!.

V.    Vegetables you dislike: Brussel sprouts

W.   What makes you run late: Abby pretending she needs to go outside and then won’t come back inside because she knows when she does, we will be leaving her – seriously she is too smart!

X.    X-rays you’ve had: Just one, for my foot (Stress fracture after marathon #2)

Y.    Yummy food you make: Lots! Some favorites- enchiladas, chicken parmesan,  and white chocolate chip cookies

Z.     Zoo animal favorite: Tigers

Breakfast was the same as yesterday. I am loving bananas right now!

Tuesday morning breakfast!

Abby was of course being cute too.

Do you want to play with my sheep?

Off to work, have a good Tuesday!


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  1. I had a banana for breakfast this morning too. However, I blended mine with almond milk and spinach for a big green smoothie. Yum. Gotta get those nutrients in there.

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