‘Cleaning out the fridge’ Dinner

Lunch was a yummy combination. I brought honey mustard chicken leftovers from home and put it over salad from the cafeteria.

Salad included:
Romaine lettuce
Baby spinach
Snap pea
4 big green olives (my fav!)

Add a clementine and it was the perfect well rounded meal!


The afternoon went by quickly and before I knew it, it was time to go home! My SUV said it was 39 degrees outside, so I knew I had to take Abby for a run outside this evening. We ran over to Minnesota State University’s campus and did a couple of loops around the campus. Abby did lots of frolicking in the snow – she is so fricking cute sometimes all the time.

Dinner was clean out the fridge night. It was a variety of things, including 5 bites of leftover chicken parmesan, carrots, 1 red potato, cinnamon scone from last night, and this. . .

Apple Butter!

We got this last fall when we went to an apple orchard near by. There was just a little bit left in the jar. Really yummy with cream cheese and pretzels.

When I left for work today, I found Abby here:

sleeping. . .

Yes, that is a closet – in our master bedroom! She sleeps there every day while we are at work.

Awake and ready to play with sheep

Off to play with sheep. Tomorrow is Friday!!!

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