The running sickness

Let’s go back first. . .

After working Friday morning, I had some frosted mini wheats for a snack. I had the afternoon off of work, so I headed to the YMCA to go for a run.
I was hoping to put in a long run, but wasn’t sure how busy Friday afternoon would be at the Y. I couldn’t believe my good luck when I got there. Treadmill #4 – the one RIGHT in front of the TV was open, HGTV was already on, and I was able to sign up for it for 2 hours!
The run itself went pretty well. Around mile 6, I got pretty hungry and was regretting not having some more food in my belly, but by mile 7, I was feeling good.
It was warm at the YMCA so I was VERY sweaty by the time I finished – ran just over 12 miles!

Then, I came home, took a nice long, hot shower. Put on my comfy Green Bay Packers sweatpants – an after run must -have for me!
Then, I hit up the couch. My tummy was a little upset but I figured at this point I was just beyond hungry.
So, I had a raspberry Chobani with the best granola (sold by a lady at the Mankato Farmer’s Market – last summer I bought like 6 bags to get me through the winter!), and 2 clementines.

Granola and yogurt

yummy bite

Yes, that is Piglet, Tigger and Pooh you can see!

After I finished eating, I felt awful! My tummy was upset, I was nauseous and pretty much was not a happy camper. I was especially bummed because Scott and I had plans for a date night!

Change in plans, I spent the whole night on the couch, in my sweatpants!
We watched half of season 2 of The Office on Netflix -Instant Play (best thing ever!).
We had planned to go to the grocery store together after our dinner date. So, about 7pm Scott decided he would run to the store and pick up some food for me on the way home.
At lunch today, some of my co-workers had chinese and so of course I was craving that all day!

Abby was very attentive

Scott is the best! He brought home some crackers and ginger ale. I don’t know about you but for me ginger ale/sprite/7-up cures everything! It’s what we always got as kids when we had upset tummies. It’s probably all psychological now, but I don’t care, it works.

the cure!

He also brought back some chinese.

wonton soup

Sweet and Sour Chicken, rice and an eggroll

And by 10:00 we were both in bed!


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