I woke up this morning feeling good! No more tummy upset. 🙂

Breakfast was super yummy.

My normal CSL,

And an english muffin with raspberry jam – YUM!

After breakfast, Abby got brushed. She was extra pretty today!

Just brushed

Then, I headed to the YMCA to complete my goal for the week:

I had my fitness assessment today and I am happy to say I am officially under-fat! Meaning body fat percentage! That was probably the best thing to hear today. 🙂

Body fat %: 16.7% (Healthy female range for 20-39: 21-33%)

Total body water %: 58.2 (Healthy female:45-60%)

Muscle Mass: 119.2 (weight of lean muscle in the body)

Physique Rating: 5 (Level of fitness based on the ratio of body fat and muscle – 5 is average)

Basal metabolic rate: 1667 (the minimum number of calories your body needs when at rest to function effectively)

Metabolic age: 23 (the age level your body is rated at according to your BMR)

Bone Mass: 6.2 (Woman 110-165 pounds = 5.3 average bone mass)

Visceral fat rating: 4 (Healthy:1-12, visceral fat is fat that is in the internal abdominal cavity surrounding the vital organs in the trunk area. Healthy levels of visceral fat reduce the risk of certain diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and the onset of type II diabetes.)

Overall the fitness assessment wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. All I had to do was stand on a special scale for about 30 seconds. I was nervous about possibly knowing the person to do it for me, because I work with a lot of these people at the YMCA. Jen, a personal trainer, fitness instructor and someone I know pretty well, was actually the one to do it. She was really super nice and totally non-judgmental. And she even gave me props for some of my numbers. Now, I am not going to lie, I didn’t enjoy my specific weight number and was slightly embarrassed to have another person see it. BUT, the other numbers were so nice to see and encouraging that even though the number on the scale isn’t exactly what I want it to be, the other numbers are good and show the athletic shape I am in!

I am planning to repeat this fitness assessment in about 4 weeks. To improve the numbers, I am going to continue running, in training for marathon #3, but I am also going to add more weight training and intervals to my workouts.

My goal is to strength train 3 times per week and do an interval workout at least once per week!

Super excited for tonight. . . Heading to the MSU Mavericks Hockey Game! Have a great Saturday.

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