Number 4 and Hockey

The events of yesterday afternoon. . .

whatcha doin’?
ummm did you want this spot?

the view from my end of the couch
that’s my hip underneath the blanket!

Last night Scott and I had our date night!

We went to Number 4 for dinner before the Mankato State University Men’s Hockey Game.

I had the Number 4 burger and Scott had fish ‘n chips.

We shared their creme brulee sampler: vanilla bean, pear, toasted walnut and chocolate.

The toasted walnut tasted like banana, and we didn’t like that one, but the other ones were demolished!

We have been to Number 4 a couple of times before and it is always just ok.

  • We always have to wait a VERY long time to be seated, even though it isn’t busy
  • They charge for extra sauces – like extra tartar sauce for Scott’s fish
  • They charge A LOT for substitutions – like onion rings instead of fries with my burger ($3 +  0.50 for sauce)
  • When we are done eating, it takes FOREVER to get the check

So, I am not sure if we will be heading back there anytime soon. It was a good location for dinner, because we were just 2 blocks to the Verizon Center, where the Mavs were playing.

We had GREAT seats – like row 3!

MSU was playing Alaska – Anchorage.

The Mavericks


The Seawolfs

I actually googled what a seawolf was during the game because I had no idea!  This is what came up!

SSN Seawolf Class Attack Submarine, USA


Unfortunately, the Mavs lost 4 to 1 to the Seawolfs.

It was still a fun night. But a COLD 2 block walk to our car – 11 degrees! Come on, it’s March!


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