Leftover Valentine’s Candy

Wednesday afternoon was relatively uneventful. My lunch finished off with a white chocolate macadamia nut LUNA bar. I love how much protein and fiber is in each bar.

Love the white chocolate bottom

Protein and Fiber!

afternoon nap time

The afternoon run went well. We (Abby and I) headed to Indian Lake trail, it was a nice 36 degrees out with a mild wind. I was hoping that the trail would be nicely snow-covered with the 2 inches of snow we got last night. Unfortunately, no such luck! Portions of it was nice running through 2 inches of wet snow and then the other parts was a soupy muddy mess! Abby throughly enjoyed it all. Thankfully, the portion of the tail before we got back to the car was pretty much snow, she was cleaned off by the time we got back to the car – no bath necessary. I had planned to do the out and back trail (1.2 miles each way) twice, but because of the conditions, kept it to one time only. Since I needed some more cardio when I got home, I shoveled all the wet snow in our driveway. Abby was very helpful, laying in all the snow that needed to be shoveled, saying “hi” to the neighbor when he came out to shovel, barking at someone getting their mail, and running after a lady walking by in the street.

My shoes were pretty soaked by the time I got inside. It felt good to take them off and put on dry clothes. I finished up my workout with a quick weights set.

  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Upright rows
  • Overhead press
  • Tricep kickbacks
  • Front press

10 reps of each move, 3 times. Then I showed off my biceps to Scott, who thankfully, at least pretended to be impressed!

Time to get dinner ready. . .

Leftover BWW chicken, taco cheese and tortillas put together for an awesome quesadilla.

Also in the dinner mix

  • chips and mango peach salsa
  • leftover asian veggies mixed with leftover corn
  • clementines
  • Famous Daves BBQ sauce

After dinner, snuggling was quick to make an appearance. . .

For Valentines Day I gave Scott some yummy caramels from Have It Sweet. He really enjoyed the dark chocolate covered caramels with sea salt (from Crate and Barrel, but only available at Christmas) that I got for Christmas, so for Valentine’s Day, I surprised him with some more caramels.

Thankfully, he was more than willing to share!

We really love the Fleur de Sel Caramel (for those of you who like salty and sweet!) and the Bourbon Pecan Caramel.

It’s Wednesday and that means Survivor + Top Chef! Have a GREAT night!


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