Panda Express

Today I had to drive up to the cities for another training session. I made the most of my trip. A quick stop by Caribou coffee for my caramel skim latte to keep me company on the drive up.

 Add a fiber one bar = instant, yummy breakfast.

Thankfully, I had a good lunch break so I was able to meet up with my Mom and Dad for lunch. We went to their new favorite place, Panda Express.

I love their honey walnut shrimp. Scott doesn’t like seafood, to I try not to get that when we go out together because we often share each others meals and I feel bad if he can’t have any of mine, but I eat his! But, with my parent’s, they like seafood and don’t do as much sharing!

I got honey walnut shrimp, orange chicken and noodles.

honey walnut shrimp goodness


me and Dad

After lunch, I drove back to Mankato. I had the afternoon off of work, Abby thought that maybe it was time to play. . .

I watched the Celebrity Apprentice – WOW – this is going to be a crazy season.

Then, I headed out for my long run of the week. I was originally going to save it until tomorrow, because Scott and I took Friday off of work for his birthday! But, after the running sickness I had last week, I didn’t want to possibly ruin his day!

The run went pretty well, did 13 miles. My left sock was rubbing on the ball of my foot so I ended up with a huge blister! The weather was good, 30 degrees and just a slight wind.

I was tired when I was done. And after I showered up, the running sickness returned. I felt awful all night long!

Finally at about 9:30 pm (3 hours after the end of my run), I tried some ginger ale and soup.

Then, I went to bed, because I was super tired.

After these last two long runs and feeling awful afterwards. . . I can’t help but think maybe I am not in ‘marathon training shape.’ I am not sure if I have the miles under my belt to increase my mileage and do these long runs. I am just about 2 months away from the Green Bay Marathon, and I just don’t know if I have enough time. It is a really hard decision, but it’s something that I will have to strongly consider, maybe the Green Bay marathon isn’t for me this year.

Do you have any suggestions?



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7 responses to “Panda Express

  1. Sorry to hear about your running sickness. You may have to watch what you fuel yourself with before a long run. Caitlin on Healthy Tipping Point talks a lot about pre-run fueling on her blog.

  2. Jenny B.

    You’ve already done the GB marathon — so I say, channel all your efforts into preparing for the Mackinac Bridge Run on Labor Day!

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