The After Party

Last night was so fun. . . I think we were asleep before our heads hit the pillow – not to mention day light savings time! I hate losing an hour. . .

Anyway, this morning, we headed over to Scott’s parent’s house to have brunch with his parents, brother, Adam, and his brother’s girlfriend, Ashley.

His Mom made yummy crepes that unfortunately went un-photographed. But I did snap this pic of my caramel skim latte on the way to their house!

When we got home we unpacked the car. That is when I realized how many desserts we had! My husband LOVES desserts. Cookies, bars, cake, pie, ice cream, etc. So, his Mom, my sister, Ashley, myself all gave him sweets for his birthday. And this is what we ended up with. . .

I can feel my pants getting tighter just looking at it. Thankfully, most of these things will freeze well!

In the tower:

Cookies and Creme Maltballs (from me)

Peeps (from Ashley)

Peppermint bon-bon dessert (made by his Mom)

frosted sugar cookies (from my sister, Laura)

leftover birthday cake

nut goodie bars (from his Mom)

Not pictured: caramel brownies from his Mom (the camera battery died from all the picture taking!) 

I think his ’30’ balloons look nice on our fireplace.

Now, we are home. 

Time for dinner and to watch the Amazing Race.

Dinner was leftovers from the party last night. . .

mini cocktails hotdogs with bbq sauce

cucumber slices

chips and dip

and the best part. .. peppermint bon-bon dessert!

Have a great Sunday night!


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