Party leftovers

Work went by fast today. Before I knew it.  . .


Turkey and provolone sandwich on wheat.


strawberry chobani with blueberries

Strawberry chobani yogurt with blueberries. (sorry for the small pic – my phone isn’t letting me email my pics to myself)

The afternoon went just as fast as the morning!

I had a LUNA bar – white chocolate macadamia nut. YUM. before heading to the YMCA to teach Cardio Tone Interval.


Tonight we used a mat and weights (I used 8#s)

Circuit 1
Plie hop forward x4 and run back
jumping jacks
wall sit with bicep curl
triceps skull crushers
ab crunch with straight legs

Circuit 2
Mummy kicks (forward kicks with alternating arms in front)
squat with upright row
Bridge position with chest press
All 4 position – alternating arms and legs

Circuit 3
shuffle with jumps
Running arms with weights
Curtsy lunge with side kick
plank hold with side lift
Oblique twist with weight

After a nice shower, dinner time!

More leftovers from the party.

sloppy joes, served open face on a bun with a slice of Colby cheese


bread with homemade spinach dip

Now time to have some leftover birthday cake and watch House. Have a great Monday night! See ya tomorrow.


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