Glacier hunting

We slept well last night with cheesecake in our bellies!

We awoke this morning to snow!

the view from our hotel room this morning

A quick stop at Starbucks for me, and Burger King for Scott and we were ready to go find a Colorado Glacier.

ready to go!


Rocky Mountains (from Denver)

St. Mary’s Glacier about 30 minutes away from Denver.

It was snowy and uphill the whole way!

the view from the glacier


We had a hard time figuring out exactly where the glacier was. . . turns out we totally walked all over it! (I guess it is easier to see in summer when it is not covered in snow!) We hiked around the glacier and mountain for about 90 minutes – it was a good workout!

more awesome views

the path we hiked UP!

glacier streamon the way down. . .

snack after hiking: Burger King blueberry biscuits (just ok) Lunch was McDonald's - cheeseburger and french fries for me. the Eisenhower Tunnel



Road Trip Day #3 - Take 1

Day #3 road trip - take 2

Road Trip Day #3 - Take 3 (I give up!)

Snack was a super yummy mini birthday cake doughnut that I snagged from Starbucks this morning. YUM.

We (Scott) drove all the way thru the Rocky Mountains and now we are in Grand Junction.

Welcome to Grand Junction!

Headed out for some pizza and catching up with my friend Peggy, her husband, Brian and their two kids tonight. Happy weekend!


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