South Dakota Fun

Happy Monday!

Road Trip Day #6

This morning, after a quick stop at Starbucks for my caramel macchiato, we hit the road for South Dakota.

Wyoming was more cows,

wyoming cows

oil wells,

oil well

and long stretches of nothing-ness.

at least the speed limit was 75!

we played "guess which cereal has the most fiber, calories, fat, etc" to help pass the time through Wyoming!

South Dakota!

hopefully by the end of this trip, I will be able to get the whole sign!

We made a quick stop at Dairy Queen for lunch.

appetizer = oreo blizzard

I also had the chicken finger basket. . .

Then, we went to the Jewel Cave Tour in Custer, SD.

waiting in line for our cave tour

Jewel Cave

Then, went to Mount Rushmore. Scott had been there as a kid, but I had never been. Pretty cool.


Checked into our hotel room in Keystone. Super small town – probably really busy during summer but not during winter/spring. There was no fast food places and only 3 other family-type restaurants. We went for a four mile run checking out the town, with a view of Mount Rushmore (pretty cool!) and perused the dinner options.

We picked one.  . .

It turned out pretty well. Scott had buffalo chili and I got the “special” – hawaiian meatballs with salad bar. Scott helped me eat my meatballs and I helped him with his biscuit. We are a good team.

We also took turns playing the IQ game – Scott won with just one peg left.

Now, we are chilling in the king size bed at our hotel and having dessert. Cashew turtles from a candy shop in Colorado. Yummy!

Back to Mankato tomorrow. We both don’t have to work until Thursday, but we are looking forward to having a day to chill at home!



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