Back on track

Our last day of vacation. . .

morning coffee, enjoyed while watching the Biggest Loser!

We weren’t sure how exciting South Dakota would be, so we took off through today in case we wanted to stay longer. I am really glad we decided to drive back yesterday. I think it is good to have a day to relax at home before going back to work!

I have quite a few things on my to-do list for today:

  • Go for a run
  • Strength training
  • Make a tax appointment
  • work on case presentation
  • order vacation pictures for scrapbooking

Also, on my to-do list is to Get Back on Track!

If you remember my last two goals:

I have not been doing either of these very well. I think it is partly because of 1. vacation and 2. I just haven’t been making it a priority.

I am not going to add any more goals for this week other than to continue to work on my last two goals. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed when looking at both of these goals, so to make them more attainable, I am going to modify them a bit,

  • strength train 2 times per week
  • Eat 3 fruits/veggies per day

and then after I am able to do that on a regular basis, increase it to get back to my original goal!

Breakfast got me off on the right foot this morning. It is nice to start off the day with 1 serving of fruit!

pb toast and clementine

Now off to tackle my to-do list! Have a great Wednesday.


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