Barley ‘n yogurt

Last night I put 1/4 cup barley into my raspberry chobani yogurt and let it hang out in the fridge overnight. I got this idea from Julie.

I really like barley in soups and salads, so I thought I might give it a try for breakfast.

I took my first bite this morning, and I wasn’t impressed, but I decided to give it another couple of bites – and I am glad I did. The barley is softened, but still has texture, a nice nutty flavor.


I added some sliced honey roasted almonds on top – which made it ever better!

I will definitely be having this breakfast again.



And of course, no breakfast is complete without my caramel skim latte!



Back to work today. Even though it is only a 2 day work week, it is still sad to have our vacation over!

It helps to remember all the fun we had on our road trip!

Here is a quick recap:

Day 1:

Travel to Omaha

heading out!

Day 2:

Travel to Denver

Mountains!!! Can you tell I am from flat MN!

Running in the foothills

the run up this short hill to the statue was the worst! But totally worth it for the view.

Dinner at the Chop-House

Day 3:

Climb a glacier

Drive through Rocky Mountains


Day 4:

Colorado National Monument

Peggy and I

Day 5:

Drive to Casper, WY

Day 6:

Drive to South Dakota

hopefully by the end of this trip, I will be able to get the whole sign!

Jewel Cave

in the cave!

Mount Rushmore

Day 7:

Drive home!

It was a great trip!

See, I feel better already! Have a great Thursday.

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