Where’s Abby???

One of the main things that is usually in every blog post is my puppy, Abby. . . So, where has she been?

Since Scott and I were on vacation for our road trip over the past week, she has been staying with my parents.

I am sure she has gained at least 5 pounds because of all the treats they give her. . . she really is their 1st ‘grand-dog’. She gets a treat for everything at their house. Going outside, coming inside, finishing her dinner, finishing her breakfast, looking pretty, sitting, laying down, looking cute, laying on the couch, helping fix dinner, being in the way, etc, etc. You can see why I am staring to get nervous that she is going to be there a full 2 weeks before we can get her back. We are going up to the cities on Sunday to use a super fun Groupon I have (more on that later!), and then, we will get to pick her up and bring her home.


I can’t believe how much I miss her!


Anyway, 3 more days until she will be home! And then, lots more cute pictures of her on the blog.

Work went by quick today. Over the lunch hour, I gave a lecture to some students at Bethany Lutheran College about becoming a doctor and osteopathic medicine. The girl that invited me for the talk, was nice enough to take me through their cafeteria during the lunch break between classes. My lunch went un-photographed but was a super yummy salad with:

  • Lettuce – a good mix of multiple kinds
  • Alpha sprouts – my fav!
  • Broccoli
  • Green olives
  • Pickle spear
  • croutons
  • Blue cheese dressing

All washed down with a diet mountain dew – great lunch!

I got home a little after 5pm and headed out for a quick 4 miler in the brilliant sunshine but still cold 28 degree weather. The snow is slowly disappearing!


Dinner was another frozen meal – this time prepared by my sister, Laura, and I last summer.


It was Italian turkey sausage with green, red, and yellow peppers in a tomato and onion sauce.

Served over tri-colored rotini pasta.


Topped with parmesan cheese = yummy dinner.


Dessert is more treats from Scott’s birthday present tower. . .

Probably a few nut goodie bars!


Have to catch up with Top Chef from last night. I picked Richard from the beginning – I hope he can pull it off! See you tomorrow – FRIDAY!!!!



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2 responses to “Where’s Abby???

  1. wow; i would *love* to recieve a ‘tower’ of desserts for my birthday.. what a gift!!
    and abbey is an adorable name for a dog!

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