Polar Bears

Last night I was reminded of my favorite pick up line. . . No, Scott and I did not go out or anything, I think someone mentioned polar bears on TV.

Guy: “How much does a polar bear weight?”

Pretty Girl: “Ummm, I don’t know. How much?”

Guy: “Enough to break the ice. . . Hi, my name is Guy.”

I have never had this line used on me so I am not sure if it ‘really’ works, but I still like it!

And polar bears are cute!

This morning was a typical lazy Saturday morning. Drank my caramel skim latte, while catching up on my Google Reader (just started that this week – love it!), and watching old episodes of The Office on Netflix Instant Play.

I also had another barley breakfast bowl. This time 1/4 cup barley went into a peach Chobani yogurt 2 nights ago (I was going to eat it on Friday, but ran out of time before work). It was still nutty and delicious. A little sprinkle of some homemade granola – made by my little sister, Laura.




Scott is helping a friend do all the electrical work in their basement today, so I have the house all to myself!

Plans for today include:

  • Run
  • Weights
  • Run thru presentation for work
  • Watch more episodes of The Office
  • Maybe go to the grocery store, at least make up the grocery list and decide what meals to make over the next week. . .
  • Organize hall closet

Hope you are having a great Saturday. I heart weekends!

Question: What is your favorite/best pick up line?


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