Successful Saturday

I was very successful on my to-do list today!

Well, more than I thought I would be!

  • Run – 6 miles!
  • Run thru presentation – done!
  • Watch The Office – love that show!
  • Weights – decided to postpone until tomorrow am
  • Organize hall closet – done!

although do you ever start one project, only to have to do anther one too?


During – it always gets worse before it gets better – right?

As I was cleaning out the hall closet, I realized I needed to organize the front closet and the entry closet!

2nd project!


Oh well, at least it is all organized now.

  • grocery store – ok so I didn’t get everything done. . . oh well, that’s what tomorrow is for, right?


I also watched Toy Story 3.


I made up lunch while I was on my run. It helped pass the miles.

I had lots of ideas

  • waffles
  • scrambled eggs
  • leftovers
  • Chinese takeout
  • Chipotle – decided to talk Scott into this for dinner, otherwise it would have been lunch!
  • popcorn
  • cereal

It ended up being a whole wheat frozen waffle, toasted.

Covered with a layer of apricot preserves,


and topped with an egg white.


DSC01325Yummy bite. . .

Check out my cute little egg pan – complements of my Mom!


Some clementines to balance it out! (+2 fruit)



As promised, as soon as Scott walked in the door, I was on him to take me to Chipotle. Thankfully, he was more than happy to appease me!


I got a steak fajita burrito. . . usually I get the salad but I was pretty hungry after my run and light lunch. It was good.


We also got chips and guac to share. Extra yum!


Now off to have some couch time together and watch Robin Hood.

Have a good Saturday night!

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