2011 Chocolate March

This afternoon, Scott and I drove up to the cities, specifically the city of Stillwater, to participate in the 2011 Chocolate March. I had seen this offer come up on Groupon and thought that it looked fun.

It was put on by the Inns of the Valley. We went to 3 bed and breakfasts in Stillwater and 1 museum. Each place was open to Chocolate March participants, had tours around their places, and some sort of chocolate treat.


We shared some clemetines on the car ride up.

Quick stop at Target to get Scott some new shades.


Chocolate March this way!

Our first stop – The Water Street Inn


One of their rooms – love that bed.


The view of the St. Croix River from the balcony.



Scott enjoying the chocolate treats. One was a raspberry with chocolate mousse and the other was carrot cake  = best of the day!


Our 2nd stop at the old Warden’s House Museum.



Old doctor’s medicine bottles and old surveying equipment

They had hazelnut chocolates for us at this place – nothing too exciting. . .

Third place: Country Cove


We had to put our shoes in plastic bags and carry them with us, because we came and left through different doors!


Ice cream sundaes with a chocolate pretzel rod.


Cookie bar, chocolate cake cookie and jelly beans.


Where Scott got us stuck in the snow. . . thankfully there were lots of people to help us quickly get out!

Our 4th stop. . .


Outing Lodge


We thought it was appropriate that on the Chocolate March, there was a chocolate lab!


Lemon sorbet, which Scott enjoyed next to the massive fireplace.


They also had a white chocolate and milk chocolate fondue bar.


Another HUGE fireplace, and a very ornate tub.

It took us about 2 1/2 hours to go to all four places, and we were pretty full of chocolate by the time we were done! We both agreed that it was a good time. We thought it would be a good activity to do with another couple sometime.

Afterwards, we headed back to my parent’s house to find:


She seemed pretty happy to see us!

We went to Chili’s with my parent’s for dinner.


They don’t really get the whole ‘smile for the blog’ concept! Smile 


Ever since Scott’s surprise birthday party where the ‘plan’ was to go to Chili’s with my family for dinner, we have all been hungry for margaritas with chips and salsa.



I also got the ‘big mouth bites.’ Basically 4 mini burgers with onion rings.

We had a good time, with good conversation!

Abby needed (wanted?) lots of attention on the way back to Mankato.

Now, we are all home again! Time for some family snuggling and bed. See ya tomorrow.

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