Taco Chicken

At least someone enjoyed my oatmeal from this morning!



After thinking about it, here are the toppings I think would be good in ‘my’ oatmeal:

  • banana chips
  • walnuts/pecans
  • honey roasted almonds
  • dark chocolate peanut butter – I have also heard they have white chocolate pb!
  • dried fruit

So, the oatmeal experiments will continue – stay tuned!


Lunch was quick. I grabbed a cup of soup from the hospital cafeteria – Italian wedding. One of their good ones.

I was still hungry, so I tried a bite of this bar,


no good.

So, I made up for it with this Kashi bar. Love the whole almonds!


I also had an Adora chocolate calcium. So good –> chocolate and calcium!


When I got home from work today, it was 41 degrees and sunny. The nicest weather we have had so far this spring. Both Scott and Abby wanted to go for my run with me.

We ran around Minnesota State University campus (which I LOVE because all the college girls ‘awwww’ at how cute Abby is!) for about 4 miles.

Because of all the spring puddles, Abby got a quick rinse before being allowed back in the house!


Super easy, yummy recipe!

Taco chicken

All you need is a packet of taco seasoning

and about 1# chicken breasts

Slice the chicken breasts into thick slices – about 3 slices per breast.

Put in a big ziploc bag with taco seasoning and shake to coat.


Put in baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.


Serve with sour cream.


We also had some tortilla chips with the best mango peach salsa from HyVee!

Quick, easy, good dinner! Smile 

Off to snuggle on the couch. . . I see some ice cream in my future. See ya tomorrow!!!


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