Waffle Sandwiches

This is what was waiting for me when I got home for work today!


She makes me so happy!

It was 45 degrees out this evening, unfortunately sometime this afternoon the sun disappeared, but it was still pretty nice running weather. Scott, Abby and I did 4 miles again. It’s nice to have running buddies again!



Dinner was a good one. . . waffle sandwiches!

We use our Panini press = best kitchen appliance ever!


I toast the waffles in the toaster.


We snacked on some blackberries while making dinner.


I burnt the first batch of toasting waffles. Abby was more than happy to help out with the rejects!


After toasting, spread the waffle with apricot preserves. Top with swiss cheese, turkey, and ham. Toast in the Panini press until cheese melty and delicious!


Added some of the best chips EVER to make a yummy dinner.

I like to cut the sandwich into cute quarters. The apricot preserves really are the star of the sandwich!


waffle sandwiches

Wednesday = Survivor night! Go Boston Rob! Winking smile


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