Caramel Skim Latte

I have a caramel skim latte pretty much everyday as part of my breakfast. About a year ago, I bought my own machine so I could make them at home and save a little $$. Caribou coffee is still the best, but my home version comes pretty close.

I first bought a ‘traditional’ espresso machine where you had to grind your beans, tamp them, and brew them. And also had to deal with a milk frother wand.

I spent about a week trying to figure it out and I just never quite got the hang of it!

So, I switched to the Nespresso brand. Best decision for me!

This was awesome to me, because they come with capsules that you just place in the machine and beautiful espresso magically comes out! They also have a variety of espresso capsules with different flavors and strengths.

I have the Nepresso Essenza. I love the look of it, as well as how easy it is to use and maintain.

It also came with a separate milk frother container. All I have to do is put milk into it, press a button, and in about 2 minutes I have the perfect amount of frothed milk for my latte.

I also buy Caribou Coffee flavoring syrup online. I use 2 tablespoons in my latte.

Now, every morning, I can make my own latte, just the way I like it!

Step 1: Turn on machine.

Step 2: Pour milk into frother.

Step 3: Pour caramel syrup into mug.

Step 4: Select capsule flavor: Purple – Arpeggio – one of my favs! Step 5: Put in machine.


Step 6: Watch espresso come out!


Step 7: Put frothed milk into espresso and syrup in mug.


Step 8: Pour remaining milk into mug.

Step 9: Enjoy caramel skim latte!!!




Of course I had my caramel skim latte for breakfast. Also, I had put 1/4 cup barley in the fridge last night soaked in milk. This morning, they were just softened enough to eat, still had a little crunch and very nutty tasting! I mixed it with some granola and blueberries. It filled me up!



Today it is kind-of windy and cold here in Mankato. We are supposed to get rain this afternoon too. So, I was craving something warm for lunch. Thankfully, the hospital cafeteria was able to deliver! Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and sliced carrots.


Warmed up my belly!

Now, have to leave this one to go back to work! I hope she knows I would much rather be at home playing with her!


Have a good afternoon. Almost Friday! Winking smile


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