Bagel sandwich and shorts!

This morning, I was very excited!

For. . . a bagel sandwich (aka bagelwich)!

I have made a version of this before with an english muffin, but this weekend I picked up some Thomas everything bagel thins at the store.


I toasted the bagel thin, spread a layer of raspberry jam on one half and cooked up 2 egg whites.


It was pretty good. . . I think it needed cheese, like Julie from PBFingers does!

And of course I had my CSL to go with it!



A visited the salad bar at the hospital cafeteria. My salad included:

  • romaine lettuce
  • snap peas
  • radish
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • tomatoes
  • carrots
  • green olives and pickles
  • turkey chunks
  • sprinkle of parmesan cheese
  • croutons
  • ranch dressing

It was REALLY good!

Abby and I also tried my new LEMON Chobani yogurt with blueberries. It definitely had a lemon flavor. Sort of a weird texture because it had little pieces of lemon pulp in it. But, it went well with my blueberries. Not sure if it will be a regular flavor for me, but I enjoyed trying it.


Mmmm lemon yogurt!

After work, Scott, Abby and I headed out to enjoy 62 degree weather here in MN while doing a quick 3.5 mile run.


Before the run, Abby and Scott shared some trail mix!


First run in shorts of the year!

I don’t normally teach aerobics on Tuesday night, but someone needed a sub, so I am headed to the YMCA to help out. This is the plan for CTI tonight! 


Mat and weights

Circuit 1
Triceps dip
Crunch and reach with weights
pushups x10

Circuit 2 – completed on the running track
Alternating feet front and back
Shuffle jump
Walking lunges
Squat hops
Tiptoe walking

Circuit 3
Steam engines
bicep curl, overhead press, reverse chest fly
plank with weight row
plank hold
triceps pushups

The class doesn’t start until 7pm, so ‘real dinner’ won’t be ‘til later. I am going to grab a Luna bar – white chocolate macadamia nut to tide me over for now.

Have a good Tuesday night!


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