‘Healthy’ Chicken Nuggets

First of all, Abby was being extra cute last night. . .


Anyway, back to today: This morning I was craving some carbs. . .

So, I lightly toasted an everything bagel thin and put on a nice thick layer of honey nut cream cheese.


Of course enjoyed with my CSL.


It didn’t stick with me very long, but it hit the spot.


I was super excited when I got to the hospital cafeteria today. . . HAM!

I love ham. . . but hardly ever have/make it. 1. because Scott doesn’t really like it and 2. it makes me so thirsty for the rest of the day.

So, it is really a treat when they have it at the hospital – or when Easter comes! My Mom makes the best ham dinner for Easter. Smile 

I also tried two of the veggie sides – the broccoli and cauliflower was good, but the Italian blend of zucchini, onions and pepper was sort of oily and had some weird spices. . . Oh well, you don’t know until you try it! And of course a few green olives!


I had a chance to run home after my lunch meeting, I grabbed 2 mandarins – love how small and easy to peel they are! Also, had my Adora calcium chocolate. Calcium + chocolate = awesomeness!


The afternoon, thankfully, went by quickly – 56 degrees and sunny here in Mankato today!

Had my new favorite afternoon snack: Kashi granola bar. I cannot say how much I heart all the whole almonds in 1 bar!



Then, Abby, Scott and I went for a nice run. 5 miles! Just about perfect weather. Smile 




I got this recipe from Julie and have been excited to try it, because I love chicken nuggets!

‘Healthy’ chicken nuggets

Cut chicken breasts into small nugget pieces, dredge thru beaten eggs, and then breadcrumbs. Bake in 350 oven for about 20 minutes.

How easy is that!!??!!


We also had some Alexia potato wedges.



Abby enjoyed helping with dinner. . . such a funny face!


The star of dinner was definitely dipping sauce, I mixed together honey and BBQ sauce – YUM!


And some mandarins to share (and 1 grape!There were more, but they ended up in my tummy before I took the picture)


The chicken nuggets were really good and easy to make. The only thing I would change is tonight I used unseasoned whole wheat bread crumbs, I would either get seasoned breadcrumbs or add some seasoning to give the chicken a little more flavor. But, I will be making this meal again soon!

Wednesday = Survivor night = the best night ever!

See ya tomorrow.


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