That thing called moderation

Last night something happened in our house that isn’t very unusual.

About an hour after dinner, Scott looked at me and said “Cheesecake or ice cream?” I said “Ummm whatever you want.” 20 minutes went by, Scott looked at me again “Ice cream?” “Sure.”

5 minutes later. . . we were both back on the couch with heaping bowls of chocolate chip ice cream (3 scoops each) and cashews and white chocolate chips on mine.

20 minutes later, ice cream bowls licked cream (with Abby’s help, of course!). . . Scott brings out. . .cookies.

And then we proceed to eat cookies for about 10 minutes. We maybe ate 4-5 cookies a piece. All of this after huge bowls of ice cream!

So, as we were laying in bed last night, we both kinda looked at each other and said “We need to stop eating so much dessert!”

We are both really huge sweet eaters. .  so moderation is a hard thing at our house. But, we both exercise on a daily basis, try to eat fairly healthy, and want to maintain (ok I would like to lose some) weight.

I think that having dessert or something sweet daily is a good thing. I always say that I run to eat (NOT eat to run! :)). And if you can’t have the things you enjoy, then what’s the point – right?

Anyway, moderation is key! So, Scott and I are embarking on a dessert moderation in our house.

I have a couple of ideas how we can be successful

  • Only 1 type of dessert per night (no more ice cream then cookies, one or the other!)
  • Have an 8:30 cut off time for eating (I really would like this to be 8pm but sometimes we don’t sit down to dinner until 7:30pm depending on how late we work that day and how long of a run we go on after work and how long it takes to give Abby a bath after laying down in 12 puddles during our run. . . so I think 8:30 is a good time)
  • Being adventurous and open to trying different ‘forms’ of dessert, i.e. fruit, cereal, smoothies, chia seed pudding, etc.
  • Being ok with NOT having dessert EVERY night
  • And when we do have dessert, watch the portion size

It helps that Scott is on board with this. . . otherwise I think it would be really hard to try to do this alone! Stay tuned for how ‘dessert moderation 2011’ goes!

Do you have any tips for eating dessert in moderation?


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