Spring Festival Craft Fair

Scott and I headed up to the cities for the weekend.

Me and Abby taking pictures while waiting for Scott to get in the car!

Our plans included:

  1. Dinner with Scott’s family at Old Chicago on Friday night
  2. Meeting with our CPA to do taxes
  3. Going to the Spring Festival Craft Fair with Jenny
  4. Dinner with my family on Saturday night
  5. Home to Mankato on Saturday night because I had to work in urgent care on Sunday

Saturday we headed out to meet with our CPA to do our taxes. We had to stop at Caribou to pick up my caramel skim latte (of course) and we were a few minutes early so we made a quick stop at Home Depot to look at trees for our yard.

Scott was really excited.


I was ‘mad’ because my hot latte was getting cold!

After our taxes, we went to Target to wander around.  . .


Totally scored in the peanut butter section – Peanut Butter & company white chocolate wonderful pb and Justin’s Maple Almond butter!!!


Went back to my parent’s house to pick up my big sister for the craft fair!

Ellie (Jenny’s dog) and Abby were just hanging out, being cute, so of course I had to snap a quick pic!


We made a quick stop at Panda Express for some lunch with Scott first.


Then, the Spring Festival Craft Fair!

We were both really excited to check it out.

It was huge with lots of vendors and lots of people!

We also did a lot of tasting.  . . different dips, spreads, desserts, and breads.

First purchase – super yummy smelling lotion for Jenny

My first purchase: cinnamon roasted cashews!


Every-time we thought we were at the end – there was more!

We were there for about 2 1/2 hours. . . We both got some cute things! We are looking forward to the fall festival to hopefully get some cute Christmas stuff.

Then, we headed back to my parent’s house to go to an Italian place they really like for dinner. Pino’s Italian Restaurant.

Laura and I on the way to dinner.


It was a small Italian restaurant in a strip-mall in Oakdale, MN.


Scott was too busy studying the menu to take a picture with me.


Dad too. . .

Scott and I shared the gnocchi with a garlic cream sauce.


It was good. . . between both of us we were able to clean our plate.


Unfortunately we didn’t have room for the cannoli’s we wanted to try!

After dinner, we headed back to Mankato. . . and made a quick bee-line to bed!

I was super excited this morning to try some of my new pb in a barley bowl, but totally forgot to put some in the fridge last night. So, I made do with leftover Panera bagels from work on Friday. French toast bagel with honey walnut cream cheese and my caramel skim latte.


Don’t worry, I made sure to put some barley in the fridge so I can have some tomorrow! That should help make Monday morning more tolerable!

I worked all day in Urgent Care. . . now looking forward to some couch time with my honey bunnies. See ya tomorrow!

Hope you had a great weekend and if you don’t mind sharing . .. what was the best part of your weekend? Smile 

The best part of my weekend was 1. wandering around Target with Scott and 2. The craft fair with Jenny!


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