Nut butter day!

Breakfast was awesome! Had a barley bowl (1/4 cup barley with milk, soaked in the fridge overnight) with some Justin’s Almond Maple Nut butter = best stuff ever! OMG – where has this been all my life.

Included in some blueberries and a caramel skim latte = perfect Monday morning breakfast!


Monday went by quick. . .

Before I knew it, it was time for CTI at the YMCA.

Tonight’s CTI class included a mat and a 6# medicine ball

Circuit 1
High knees –holding ball
Sumo squat with side kick – hold ball
Lunge forward and back with bicep curl with ball
Plank hold
V-sits with ball

Circuit 2
Plie squat, hold ball, walk back and forth
Line jump – hold ball
Pulse squats – hold ball
One hand on ball pushups
Overhead extension with forward reach situp

Circuit 3
Toe touch with hop
Reach with ball to knee twists
Bridge with triceps


Dinner was leftovers. . . pineapple brats, potato wedges, ‘healthy’ chicken fingers. Unfortunately the ‘healthy’ chicken fingers didn’t heat up very well.


Abby was interested in the rejects from dinner. . .


We also had some cream cheese with mango raspberry habanero jam and pretzel sticks.


To finish off dinner, I had a bagel with Peanut Butter & Co White Chocolate Wonderful = LOVE! Again, where has this nut butter been my whole life. . .


Now, I have to ponder what else I can put nut butter on!

My husband has just informed me that some boys refer to ball sweat as nut butter and so he was very confused when he read the title of this post. . . so just to be clear – just talking about peanut butter and almond butter, nothing more!

Have a great night. . . What do you put nut butter on??? Winking smile


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