Big rock

Both Scott and I got out of work about an hour early. . . so we headed to Indian Lake Trail. It is a nice little trail thru the woods about 1.2 miles long. We ran it twice for about 5 miles!

Tried to take a picture of Abby on the way there – of course she didn’t stay still!

Abby went swimming and puddle diving. . . She was a mess! But had such a fun time. Smile 


After the run, we took some pictures on a big rock!


Abby wanted to get up too!


Yeah for 5 miles in beautiful weather!


After run, before dinner snack: Cinnamon roasted cashews from Saturday’s Craft Fair.


Dinner was a Let’s Dish meal: stuffed chicken breasts with roasted green beans.


It wasn’t the best meal we have ever had from Let’s Dish. Not enough stuffing in the chicken and too much butter on the green beans.

Oh well, we are looking forward to some cheesecake for dessert tonight!

We are doing well with our dessert moderation. . . no dessert last night, haven’t had any food after 8:30pm, and eating only one type of dessert. So far, so good. . . I’ll keep you posted!

Have a great Tuesday night.. .  see ya in the morning.


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