The Paw

This morning was a quick start for me, thanks to an early morning meeting. I grabbed a Kashi granola bar on the way.

I had some free time after the meeting, so I was able to come home afterwards and properly enjoy my caramel skim latte.

It is sooo good!


Someone wanted to help me enjoy my morning!


For my mid morning snack, I had a barely bowl with blueberries, banana chips, chia seeds and Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.


I may or may not have licked the last little bit out of the package. . .  ya, it’s that good!

Since I had a pretty big morning snack, I wasn’t too hungry for lunch. I had a peach chobani yogurt, mixed with chia seeds.

After lunch, I took Abby to The Paw to get groomed. They do such a great job there, and treat her so well. She hates to be groomed, so I actually usually have to carry her into the salon. But today she actually walked in all by herself. . . ahhh progress! And Andrea assures me that once I leave, she does just fine. I swear it is harder to drop her off there than it will be to drop a child off at the babysitters!

She comes out looking and smelling sooooo pretty. And she gets LOTS of treats after. Smile 

Here is before:

After our run on the trail yesterday with lots of puddle jumping.

And after. . .


So soft!


It also helps keep her clean on all the runs and when we go to the Lake this summer and she goes ‘swimming’ (she doesn’t actually swim, more just wades in to her belly and then gets out!) in the Lake. If we keep her hair on her legs trimmed, she picks up less dirt and dries quicker!

Off to make one of Scott’s favorite things for dinner: Enchiladas! Stay tuned for the recipe. . . Smile


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