Five Guys and a Cupcake

Man, have we been busy around here! Well, mainly Scott was busy yesterday painting the master bedroom from green to blue. Check out the pics!





Then, to thank him for his hard work, I took him out to the new place in town: 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. Supposedly the best burgers based on numerous sources.


You have to know it is going to be good when the bag looks like this!

The fries were just ok. . . although very fresh!

My burger was really good. I had the cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle and ketchup. I like all the toppings, although it made for a very messy dinner!


After dinner, we hit up Hy-Vee in search for cupcakes. And I realized that I have not had ONE cupcake since I started this blog – unbelievable!


We ended up bringing these two home.


Unfortunately, Scott picked mine out and I thought he was getting me a white cupcake, but accidently got me a chocolate one – not my fav. . . don’t get me wrong, I still ate the whole thing! Smile 


This morning we slept in til about 8:30 and then had some breakfast while watching last weeks episode of Top Chef Masters.  .. not as good as regular Top Chef, but I still really like Curtis Stone! Winking smile 

For breakfast, I had a slice of the whole wheat bread I picked up yesterday with some white chocolate wonderful pb and my CSL. 


It was a pretty good Sunday morning!

After breakfast we got right to work on painting the master closet. We decided it would look funny to leave the closet the green the bedroom used to be.

It was my job to empty the closet- oh my – we have a lot of stuff!


Here are the closet before pictures:


Poor Abby had a rough day yesterday with Scott painting in the bedroom. I think the sound of the paint roller freaked her out because she was glued to my hip the entire day and anytime I left her (aka to go to the bathroom) she would get scared and pee – something that is leftover from when she was a puppy. By the time the bedroom was done, she had peed 3 times!!!

So today, when I decided to help paint the closet, Abby had to stay close by too. She spent the entire morning and early afternoon in the closet with us while we painted!


And we have a nice big pile to give to Good Will!

After all the painting supplies were cleaned up, we headed out for a 4 mile family run. It was about 48 degrees here with a mild wind. . .pretty good running weather!

Now, I am off to the kitchen to make some dinner. I am thinking cake batter pancakes. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Finally, here are some cute pictures of Abby from this weekend!





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