You’re one workout away. . .

I totally did not want to go to the YMCA tonight to teach CTI, but then I thought about Julie’s mantras when she doesn’t want to work out, specifically “You’re one workout away from a good mood” and it helped get me to the YMCA. And of course when I was done, I felt good – better than I did going in! Smile 

Here is the CTI class I lead tonight at the Mankato YMCA. . .

Each move is done for 60 seconds and each circuit is repeated twice. With a 5 minute warm up and cool down, it should take about an hour.

Circuit 1
Shuffle step with lunge forward and backward
Steam engines
Forward punches with light weights (I used 5#)
Bird dog – plank position, holding up opposite arm/leg and switch
Swan dive – on belly, hold arms/legs out wide and bring them in streamlined together (like a swan diving down), repeat
Triceps pushups

Circuit 2
Shuffle jump
Wall sit with forward and side raises
Bicep curl and triceps overhead press while standing on 1 foot
Pike press – downward dog position with pushups
Side leg raises

Circuit 3 (shortened tonight because 1 &2 ran a little long)
Plank jack –plant position jumping feet in and out
Holding weights forward and back alternating
Bicycle abs

Scott left tonight to go to Duluth for a work meeting the next 2 days.  . . so Abby and I are all alone!

Dinner was a repeat of a snack I had earlier today.

Yummy wheat bread, white chocolate wonderful pb, and honey roasted walnuts on top.



With a smoothie – vanilla chobani, frozen raspberries, splash of milk and OJ.


Off to snuggle on the couch with Abby. I am sure there will be some play time too! Have a great Monday night!


What do you eat when your ‘better half’ is gone?

I usually just eat leftovers, if it is just me, I don’t feel like making a huge dinner, sometimes I go out and get Noodles and Co because Scott doesn’t like to eat there!

I almost forgot. . .


We had cake batter pancakes last night, and I promised to tell you how they were!


Scott said it best. . . “They are better than bisquick but I would rather just eat cake!”

I got the recipe from How Sweet It Is via Meals and Miles.

They were really easy to make. We didn’t have any sprinkles, but I think that would have made them better!. They were like regular pancakes just a little sweeter, not a huge ‘cake’ flavor. I was hoping it would be like eating cake in pancake form, but it wasn’t.

Abby enjoyed the batter and was more than happy to help clean up!


I think if I were to make them again, I would use less flour and more cake mix. . . when it happens, I’ll let you know how my experimenting goes!


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