Getting on the smoothie band wagon

I have been seeing a lot of smoothie action around the blog world lately. I decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon! And boy, I am glad I did!

I had the most awesome smoothie for an afternoon snack/2nd lunch.


Frozen mixed berries, 2% pineapple chobani, splash of milk. Topped with chia seeds and banana chips. So yummy and thick, I ate it with a spoon!


I see another smoothie in my near future. Smile

Abby hopes so too!



Abby and I had a great afternoon snuggling on the couch, watching Dexter. It was pretty much the perfect weather for spending the afternoon lounging on the couch!



Abby and Scott had a quick snack before we headed downstairs. . .

When Scott got home from work, we headed downstairs to each play a quick game of tug with Abby, before hopping on the bike to ride for about 45 minutes while watching Cash Cab and telling each other about our days.

After a quick shower, we made some quick and easy English muffin pizzas. Unfortunately, we were out of all ‘normal’ toppings, i.e. pineapple and pepperoni, so we just went with cheese. They were still really yummy!



We had some carrots sticks (that went un-photographed) and peaches.


Now we are headed back to the couch for more snuggling – this time with Scott – and to watch more Greek. Such a cute show – totally predictable, but good.

We never had a chance to get to our ice cream last night. . . by the time we were hungry, it was after 8:30, so sticking with our dessert moderation, we decided to postpone dessert until tonight. We are both really looking forward to our ice cream tonight! Happy Friday.  . . Happy weekend. . . see ya tomorrow! Smile


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