Innocent errand

Happy Friday!!!! Smile 

Friday started out with my usual CSL and some frosted mini wheats.


Thankfully, I just had to work this morning, and it went by pretty quickly!


You’ll never guess what I had for lunch today. . .



Ya, it is still pretty much the best thing ever!


After lunch, I went to run a quick errand. It all started innocently enough.

A trip to JoAnn’s to pick up some new buttons for a jacket. The jacket went to the dry cleaner with all 4 buttons and came home missing 2 buttons.  .. unfortunately I didn’t realize it until just recently. So, now the only option is to replace the buttons. Hence my trip to JoAnn’s. Now, I suppose I should mention that this is my first trip to our brand new JoAnn’s store here in town, so of course I had to do some wandering.  . . Winking smile 

I hadn’t really found anything while wandering around. Found some pink buttons that I think will work really nice with my jacket – now all I have to do is convince my sister and her sowing machine to help me out!


I was trying to find the check out line and I happened upon this:


I made myself limit it to 3 only – and it was soooo hard! I am super excited for the new backgrounds to my meals!


And I was 2 steps from the checkout and I saw these:


Of course I had to get them! Thankfully they were in the $1 bin!

I am looking forward to my birthday next month, maybe I can get a JoAnn’s gift card to be able to go back and get some more fabric quarters!

Now, Abby and I have a date with the couch and Dexter for the afternoon!





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