Egg salad sandwiches

Happy Easter Sunday!

This morning started out with getting dressed for church. And a quick banana snack to tide me over ‘til brunch.

Me showing my sister how many cuts I got on my legs (3) from using a cheap travel razor.

Our family. . .



Scott and I went to church with my sister and my Dad. It was very bright out!


After church, we headed to brunch on the Tavern on France with Scott’s family.

The highlight was the parmesan hash browns and the chocolate cake for dessert.

We drove back to Mankato and hung out for the afternoon.

It is gorgeous today – finally 60 degrees out!

Scott, Abby and I went out for a nice 5 mile run.

After a quick shower, I used the eggs we colored last night to make some egg salad sandwiches.


I don’t like the yolks, so we eat egg white only salads. I love it because then you can see the colors better from the egg coloring!


I just cut up the egg whites and mix with miracle whip, salt and pepper. Done!

We paired our sandwiches with black pepper kettle chips and carrots (ya they are still in the bag. . .that’s how I roll!)



Now, off to watch America’s Next Great Restaurant and Amazing Race. I heart Sunday nights!


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