Nothing very exciting happened today. . .

CSL from Caribou for breakfast. Haven’t been doing well the past few days with eating something more for breakfast other than my latte. I have some frosted mini wheats in my work bag for breakfast tomorrow to try to change that around!

Lunch was a salad from the hospital cafeteria.  . . a nice spring mix lettuce, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, turkey, green olives, pickles, parmesan cheese, croutons. With honey mustard dressing. yum! A kashi granola bar for ‘dessert.’

Came home after work, hopped on the bike downstairs for a quick 30 minute ride.

Then, Scott and I headed to:

to celebrate. Scott had a big presentation at work today, so we decided we should go out to dinner to celebrate like we did last week after my presentation.

We shared soft pretzels with spicy cheese dip for a starter.


Then, I got 6 honey BBQ traditional wings. I  totally forgot to take a picture until 2 wings were eaten! Smile 


Scott got 6 spicy garlic. We each swapped 1 wing – man, his were SPICY – my mouth was en fuego! Winking smile

We headed home after dinner, I quickly changed into my PJs and hit up the couch. Scott brought me the perfect end to the evening: ice cream!

Chocolate chip ice cream with white chocolate chips and walnuts.


Someone is very interested in being my buddy when I have ice cream!



What my ice cream looks like when I finally eat it. . . I mix and mix and mix until it is smooth and creamy.


Sometimes Abby resorts to pouting if I am taking too long eating my ice cream.


But, it usually pays off for her.



Now, off to watch Survivor – go Boston Rob!


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