Did you watch?

Did anyone else watch the Royal Wedding this morning?


I wasn’t crazy enough to get up early to watch it but of course I DVR’d it!


Kate seemed so happy and totally beautiful in her dress. . . just like any bride should be on their wedding day.

I think this wedding was especially interesting to me because they are about my age and duh, her name is my name! Who wouldn’t want to be Princess Kate? Winking smile And whoa hats! I am sorta glad that tradition didn’t make it over the pond. . . well except for the Kentucky Derby!

And I am not going to lie. . . I did fast forward thru some parts of it! My favorite part was the vows. I was looking forward to the kiss, but was a little disappointed, I think I totally missed the first one because I was multitasking: watching the wedding and reading blogs. . . I can’t blame them though, I probably would have done the same thing! It was cool that they did a 2nd kiss!

Kate Middleton and Prince William kiss (AP/APTN)


Breakfast was enjoyed after the Royal Wedding.


CSL with a barley bowl. The return of my favorite thing ever: Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. OMG soooo good, I can’t even explain it. I topped my barley with the nut butter, sprinkle of granola, and fresh strawberries.


Here is a photo depiction of my morning latte. . .






And how I feel when it is gone.  . . Sad:


Thinking about what I can eat next and how long until tomorrow morning when I can have it again:

Such a beautiful sunny morning here in MN – it is supposed to be 66 degrees today! Looking forward to our family run after work. Smile 


BTW: Here are some pics from last night and the rice krispie eating.

They were good. . . a little fruity? tasting from the multi-colored marshmallows. We still managed to eat 1/2 the pan between the two of us!

Abby tried to get in on the rice krispie action too!




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