May Goals

Happy May Day!

What a great day to make some goals for the month!

Goals for the month of May:

Try coconut butter, wheat berries, and quinoa

Try Jillian’s 30 day shred

Try spinach in a smoothie – this one scares me. . . can you really not taste it??? I guess I will find out!

Start making weekly goals and reviewing them at the end of the week

My goals for this week are:

  • Eat 5 fruits/veggies per day
  • Dessert moderation: at least one night this week skip dessert and one night have a ‘non-dessert’ dessert (i.e. fruit, smoothie)
  • Run 3 times and strength train twice
  • Review these goals next Sunday


Breakfast: Caramel Skim Latte and mini frosted mini wheats!


Abby and I did some snuggling this morning!



Abby and Scott saying good bye to Laura. . .




Another salad! Lettuce, carrots, orange pepper, asparagus, couscous, crushed tortilla chips on top, bleu cheese dressing. And some amazing blackberries that went un-photographed. (+ 2 veggies for salad, +1 fruit)

After lunch, I ate my body weight in cookie dough and cookies. Just regular chocolate chip cookies from frozen dough from the store. Too busy eating to take any pictures! Thankfully, there are still some for Scott when he gets home later.

Hope you’re having a great Sunday! What goals do you have for the month of May?



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