Sun shower

For lunch, I tried a new flavor (to me) of Chobani: Pomegranate! It was delicious. I really liked the pieces of pomegranate seeds in it. I will be having this flavor again.


I also had a turkey and provolone sandwich with carrot and celery sticks.

A quick banana snack before our run this afternoon.

Scott, Abby and I headed out into the sunshine for a nice hour long run. My calves were pretty tight for the first half of the run, but were much better after we got hung up at a stoplight and I had a second to stretch them out. Much better. In the middle of the run, we had a sun shower for about 5 minutes, which then left a beautiful rainbow. Smile 

After we got showered up, Scott requested cereal for dinner (seriously his favorite food) so I put a salad together for my dinner.


In the mix:

  • spring mix lettuce
  • cucumbers
  • red and yellow pepper slices
  • cherry tomatoes
  • carrots
  • leftover pineapple brat pieces
  • sprinkle of mexican shredded cheese
  • BBQ potato chips sprinkled on top and a few extra on the side to eat!
  • Blue cheese dressing



After dinner, Scott asked what was for dessert and I offered to make us his and hers smoothies again. He was game. So a blueberry chobani yogurt, pineapple OJ and frozen strawberries went into the blender.

I topped mine with coconut butter, chia seeds and banana chips. Scott had chia seeds on his again too and told me 3! times how awesome his smoothie was! Winking smile 


Abby, as usual, was close by during the smoothie eating and was rewarded by being able to clean out the bowl!


Is it wrong that I am looking forward to dessert tomorrow night so I can have another smoothie??? They are just so yummy lately – I think it has a lot to do with the warmer weather too!

Off to brainstorm breakfast ideas for tomorrow so I don’t have just my CSL alone again.

Almost Friday!!! See ya tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Sun shower

  1. I love smoothies too but I have not tried them out of a bowl yet, maybe I will soon. Also I have been hearing so much about chia seeds lately where does everyone by theirs and what brand?

    • I love making them thicker and eating them with a spoon – much more like dessert (ice cream!) that way. Chia seeds are awesome. Such a great nutritional seed. I just bought mine at the grocery store in town – Hy-Vee – and I just picked one of the brands to try. This was my first time buying them, although I can’t imagine there is much difference between the brands. Let me know what you think when you try them!

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