Happy Easter Mother’s Day

Sorry I was MIA yesterday, as you can tell from the post title, I was very busy!

Scott and I hit up the bikes first thing yesterday morning for a quick 30 minute ride.

After a quick breakfast: barley bowl with granola and white chocolate wonderful pb and some CSL, we hit the road to the cities.



Unfortunately, I was a dumb bunny and brought my latte in the car with us (not in a travel mug like a smart person) and we got about 5 minutes down the road before Scott took a turn and I ended up with a lap full of coffee.

A quick run back home to change and we were back on the road!

We were so rushed that we dropped Abby off at my parent’s house. I literally let her out of the car, put her leash at my Dad’s feet on the driveway and said “Later!” I don’t even think Abby noticed we had left her – Mom gives her sooo many treats! And she had her cousin, Ellie, to deal with!


Thankfully, we weren’t late to meet Scott’s family for lunch to celebrate Mother’s Day. We even had some time to snap a few pics!


Scott’s Mom picked CiCi’s for lunch. It is a pizza buffet place. They have all kinds of interested pizza: my favs the mac and cheese pizza and the Big Mac pizza. Pretty good. Unfortunately their regular pizza, like pepperoni and sausage, were pretty awful as well as the dessert pizza. Not sure if we will be heading back there anytime soon, but it was nice to have lunch with his family.


After lunch, we headed to his parent’s house to open Mom’s Day presents. Then, we headed out and since it was a beautiful sunshine day we decided it was too nice to go inside to the Mall of America, so we headed to Woodbury Lakes which is an ‘outdoor’ mall. We didn’t have much luck shopping – we both left empty handed, but it was nice just to wander a little.

I also made Scott take me to Great Harvest Bread Co – my 1st time! As I am sure many of you are: I have been reading about Kathy and her husband opening their own Great Harvest in NC and her posts always make me hungry for their bread because it looks so good! We got 2 loaves – cinnamon chip and dakota. We had a sample of the cinnamon chip in the store and it was very good. Scott is excited to try it in french toast. I am all game for that!


After shopping, we went back to assure Abby that we hadn’t abandoned her completely and to hang out with my family. We were celebrating Easter and Mother’s Day because my Mom was in St. Maarten during Easter and no one cooks Easter dinner like she does!

We spent some time looking for Easter Baskets.

Abby and Ellie didn’t have a hard time finding theirs. . .




The 1st highlight was this POW glove my parents found at Good Will (BTW the best place for dog toys, especially when yours just chews off the eyes and pulls out the stuffing in like 2 minutes!


OK maybe more of a highlight for my Dad. . .


Then, the real highlight: Cow trachea chews.  .. seriously! They both go crazy over these things.




Then, Scott and I spent time looking for our Easter Basket.

He headed downstairs to look for it, and while he was downstairs, I found it upstairs! But, of course, didn’t tell him where it was!

He didn’t like that I tried to document him looking for the basket… you know, for the blog!


So, I caved and showed him where it was!


Dad, Scott, Ellie, Abby and I went on a walk before dinner to work up an appetite. 72 degrees and sunny!

Here is a pic of the table before dinner: we had a Easter basket annex because some of the things for our baskets were in Laura’s room. She works nights right now and so was sleeping all day!


Check out this super cute deviled eggs Easter Egg plate.


Jenny trying to avoid the ham fumes – she hates Easter because she can’t stand the smell of ham!


Yeah, almost dinner time!


Dinner was awesome: Ham, twice baked potatoes, asparagus, crescent rolls, deviled eggs (and green bean casserole – yuck!)

I took this picture of my plate and then set my camera down and promptly got chastised when I added the crescent roll for not taking a picture of my ‘whole’ plate!



In full disclosure: I had seconds of everything!

Where Abby hangs out during dinner!


Yes: that is her nose in between my chest and the table!


After a while, both dogs gave up and decided it was nap time!



Dessert! One of my favorites that Mom makes and so spring-y with the green pistachio!

Scott decided he should be the hand model for the dessert, so had to put his hand/finger in every shot!



We were stuffed! And came home loaded we leftovers. Smile 

We drove home and went straight to bed! It was a great Saturday!

Hope you’re all have a great weekend. . .

BTW: Any suggestions out there for my email subscribers. My Dad told me this weekend that when he gets an email with my blog posts, he can only see the text, not the pictures. Any ideas for being able to see the pictures thru email? Thanks!



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  1. DAD

    I miss yummy!

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