Run + Walk + Shred

Happy Wednesday!!!

One step closer to the weekend. Smile 

The day started as most days do in my life. . . CSL! And a granola bar. Perfect quick and easy breakfast.

Lunch was adventurous. . . I finally tried the pita chips and hummus from the hospital cafeteria! And I am glad I did – super yummy. I will have to have that again soon. And check out hummus at the grocery store – I didn’t even know that I liked it!

Snack was an apple and a kashi bar.

After work, I went for a 5 mile run in 70 degrees and sunshine. I went alone today ‘cause Scott had to work late and Abby doesn’t like to run unless we all go! I had fun listening to my latest playlist.


Afterwards, Abby and I headed down to the basement to complete Shred Level 2. We had a quick session of tug and then I took her out for a nice walk around the neighborhood.

Abby did not appreciate the picture taking session before our walk.





And was much happier when we took off!


When we get back, she heads straight for the door and stands with her nose right next to the door until we let her in!



Dinner was a dinner that Laura and I made last summer and froze. . . Bruschetta chicken. Basically chicken breasts stuffed with stove top stuffing and baked in the oven. Sprinkled with mozzarella cheese at the end. I added some canned corn for a healthy vegetable! It was a very filling dinner.


And some grapes too!


Dessert was an Adora calcium disc – dark chocolate. Chocolate and calcium = goodness!


Now off to bed soon. .  . I have an early morning to get to the cities for a class at 8am! Have a great night. Smile 


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