MIA Thursday

Sorry I was MIA yesterday. I had to get up super early, the time started with a 5, way to early for me! Because I had to drive up to Minneapolis to the University of Minnesota for an advanced musculoskeletal course.

It was a pretty good course. The best part was hands on learning stations for casting and joint injections.

The other highlight of my Thursday was a peanut butter cookie larabar! I love the ingredient list: dates, peanuts, salt. .. can you get any better than that? I liked this flavor, not as much as cashew cookie but still tasty. I would eat it again! Smile 

And then, we got out just in time to hit rush hour traffic in the big city! So, I didn’t get home until after 6. . . Scott had taken the afternoon off work to do some yard work and get our garden ready for planting. So, when I finally got home, he was beat, I was beat and we were both starving. Pizza Ranch to the rescue!

For those of you not familiar with Pizza Ranch, it is basically a pizza buffet.

The highlight though is their awesome dessert pizza!

Truth be told, I don’t really like their regular pizza, but I make up for it with the dessert pizza!

My dinner in photos:

Fried chicken and cheese sticks


My dinner companion


Taco pizza


Sausage and pineapple pizza


Dessert pizza and ice cream


So full. . .


Once Scott and I were sufficiently stuffed, we came home and collapsed on the couch in front of the TV for an episode of Greek and then straight to bed!

And boy was it hard to get up this morning! My CSL didn’t seem to do its usual good job. . .

Thankfully, I sort-of had the afternoon off. . . a co-worker and I spent time working on our residency project together this afternoon. It is coming together! Hopefully will be done soon. More work to come this weekend though. . .

More of the afternoon was watching season 4 of Dexter. . . seriously awesome show! I am bummed I will have to wait to see season 5 because it isn’t out on DVD yet.  . . and isn’t due to come out until September! How am I going to make it????

Then, I headed downstairs for LEVEL 3 of Jillian’s SHRED workout – OMG I totally almost died! A lot of high intensity (=good for me) plyometric moves (i.e. jumping!).

Dinner was another Let’s Dish meal: Crème Brule French toast with sausage links. And fresh fruit from our fridge: blueberries and raspberries.


Abby during dinner. . .


Dessert: frosted animal cookies – check out the pink elephant. . .


And some play time. . .






Happy Friday! Any big plans for the weekend?

I have a low key weekend coming up: more work on my residency project, a baby shower on Saturday night, and catching up on my DVR – oh and of course, more SHRED!!!


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