Eating that. . . makes me feel like this. . .

Reflections on dessert moderation and what I ate yesterday. . .

I l-o-v-e desserts. . .

And that is what gets me in trouble the most. I don’t crave chips or carbs or salt. It is always chocolate, candy, cookies, cake, ice cream.

Yesterday afternoon, I let myself get into the leftover Easter candy. Something that probably shouldn’t even be in the house anymore! Truthfully, I probably spent about an hour sitting on the couch, eating Easter candy.  .. And I felt awful. My tummy hurt from eating so much crap, I didn’t feel good about myself for eating all that stuff, and even worse, I didn’t feel like working out because my tummy was full of chocolate!

I made myself get up and head downstairs for Level 3 of Shred. . .which was really good. The only thing I kept thinking about while doing the video is why do I eat a bunch of crap and ruin all the hard work I put in with my workouts. For me it really is 10% workouts, 90% eating. . . So, during my workout, I told myself that I wasn’t going to eat that junk anymore. I was going to send the leftover candy to work with Scott and get it out of the house. I was going to blog about it and brainstorm ways I can avoid those tough afternoon times when I am craving sweets. Well, last night, after dinner, I wanted something sweet. . . so what did I do???? OMG I totally ate more leftover Easter candy! Seriously. . . Katie. . . what???? Scott was right next to me on the couch, eating cookies. We both went to bed with full bellies and both slept horribly because of it.

Thankfully, I have him on board for dessert moderation, specifically eating healthier desserts like fruit or smoothies. We both have a real tendency to overeat on sweets. I hope that working together we can help each other to never go to bed feeling that way again.

Here are the goals we made for dessert moderation:

  • Only 1 type of dessert per night (no more ice cream then cookies, one or the other!)
  • Have an 8:30 cut off time for eating (I really would like this to be 8pm but sometimes we don’t sit down to dinner until 7:30pm depending on how late we work that day and how long of a run we go on after work and how long it takes to give Abby a bath after laying down in 12 puddles during our run. . . so I think 8:30 is a good time)
  • Being adventurous and open to trying different ‘forms’ of dessert, i.e. fruit, cereal, smoothies, chia seed pudding, etc.
  • Being ok with NOT having dessert EVERY night
  • And when we do have dessert, watch the portion size

I think we can work harder at keeping these goals. And we will!

As far as my afternoon, mid-morning, evening snacking times.. .

It is usually when I am bored, feeling drained from the day, not wanting to do anything but watch TV.

So, the next time I am feeling like that I am going to:

1. Review this post and remind myself how AWFUL I feel after I do overeat sweets

2. It’s ok to have a healthy snack. i.e fruit

3. Brush my teeth, chew gum, make some tea

4. Just say NO!

5. If there is something in the house that I want to eat, it is much better to just throw it in the trash, than to trash my body with it.

6. Do something else. . . get off the couch: take Abby for a walk, do my Shred video, go to Target, anything – just get away from the kitchen!

7. Don’t fool myself. . . once I start, it is that much harder to stop: So, just don’t start!

8. Reminder that it doesn’t taste as good as being thin feels – OMG sooo true!

9. It is just not worth it period.

10. Sweets have a place in my life. . . but it is not in huge portions eaten out of boredom. They are meant to be enjoyed and special.

I am very hopeful that taking the time to reflect on yesterdays eating and blogging about it, will help me get through the next time I am having a sweets craving. I’ll keep you posted! Do you have any advice on getting through your cravings?



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2 responses to “Eating that. . . makes me feel like this. . .

  1. A really tough workout is the best cure for my cravings – at the very least I’ll have burned off some of the calories I’m going to eat and at best I won’t have a craving anymore.

    When I’m craving something I’ll have a healthy snack that takes a while to eat like dry cereal popcorn, pistachios…

    But to be honest sometimes I just need to pig out. I’d say about once a month I seriously overeat and I just try to accept it and move on.

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